Vol 10, No 02 (2017)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Their Relation to Academic Results Indicators in State Public Universities in Mexico

José L. Arcos-Vega, Fabiola Ramiro Marentes & Juan J. Algravez Uranga



The Moderating Effect of the Economic Situation on Relationship between Problem-Solving Skills and Mental Health in Working Women and Housewives

Goldis Garmsari & Maryam Safara



Analysis of Ordinary Public Fund and Its Impact on the Quality of Academic Programs in the Higher Education in the Subsystem of the Polytechnic Universities in Mexico

Pedro Salazar Monroy, José L. Arcos-Vega & Juan J Sevilla García



An Assessment of the Access to Credit-Welfare Nexus: Evidence from Mauritania

Alessandra Amendola, Marinella Boccia, Gianluca Mele & Luca Sensini



Discovering Recruitment and Selection Practices in Bangladesh

Md. Manik Hossain, Saiful Kabir & Rezwanul Islam Rezvi



The Linkage between ESG Performance and Credit Ratings: A Firm-Level Perspective Analysis

Alain Devalle, Simona Fiandrino & Valter Cantino



Effect of Corporate Governance Principles on Business Performance

Emel Burak, Oya Erdil and Erkut Altindağ



Effectiveness of Existing Heritage Legislations in Bangladesh

Mahmud Ali  and  Dr. Ishrat Islam


Impact of Economic and Non-economic variables on Real Estate Sector in Bangladesh: A study on Dhaka city

Kh Khaled Kalam, Coventry University, UK
Mani Maren Pandurengan
Subang Jaya, Malaysia

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